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The Interreg FLOWER project will be hosting this online conference on 22nd-23rd April 2021 in Lorient in Brittany, France. The conference will be themed, Biobased Composites in Marine Environment.

The use of composite materials in the marine environment raises many scientific questions; durability, hygroscopic behaviour, ageing of structures, impact of high pressure, mechanical stress and the degradation and end of life of its parts, coupled with their impact on the environment, are all fundamental issues. They are especially exacerbated when we talk about biobased composite materials and the use of reinforcing plant fibres.

These subjects will be discussed over two days at this Biobased Composites in the Marine Environment Conference organised in the framework of the FLOWER Project.

Keynote speakers will include: Pr. Jörg Müssig (U. of Bremen), Pr. Aart Van Vuure (KULeuven), Dr. James Blake & Dr. Jeanne Blanchard (U. of Southampton) and Ms. Rachel Moreau (One Step Ahead & Ocean As Common) confirmed their participation and will introduce the 4 sessions.

A number of partners in the SeaBioComp project will be presenting their findings.

European experts in the various academic communities concerned (mechanics, biology, physics, chemistry) will share their latest advances on the following topics: Plant fibres and preforms for biobased composites materials; Matrices and interfaces; in-use properties in marine environment; Deconstruction, end of life, recycling and environmental assessment.

During the two days of the conference, the following topics will be discussed:

  • Plant fibres and preforms for biobased composite materials: Degradation of plant fibres in the marine or water environment; Hygroscopic behaviour of plant fibres and reinforcements; Influence of the nature and specificity of the plant fibres; Innovative preforms; Ageing of plant fibres and associated reinforcements.
  • Matrices and interfaces: Ageing; Durability; Evolution of interfaces; Behaviour and degradation of matrices in immersion, relative humidity or marine environment; Biobased matrices; Behaviour in a marine environment, degradation and biodegradation; Modelling and prediction of service life.
  • Biobased composites in the marine environment, in-use properties: Water ageing of biodegradable or biobased composites; Mechanical, vibratory and fatigue behaviour; Extreme stresses; Submerged structures; Biodegradation of parts; Controlled biodegradation; Biobased composite applications for Renewable Marine Energies.
  • Deconstruction, end of life, recycling and environmental assessment of biobased composites: Recycling of matrices; Recovery; Deconstruction; Life Cycle Analysis; Eco-design; Recycling or parts at the end of life; Deconstruction / separation of components.

The Biobased Composites in Marine Environment Conference 2021 is organised by the University of South Brittany (IRDL Laboratory) within the framework of the European project FLOWER (Interreg VA France (Channel) England Programme), in partnership with Bretagne Développement Innovation (through the Eurolarge Innovation Programme and European Entreprise Network), Audélor - Lorient Technopôle, Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, Archipel (citizens institute of UBS promoting its maritime and coastal identity) and Pole IAR, The French Bioeconomy Cluster.

Registration is now open for this conference at the following link: