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This one day course is designed to be relevant to stakeholders involved in marine energy. From commercial and military organisations to leisure marine, this practical approach can help to support fact based decisions. Topics are applicable to original equipment manufacturers, distributors, boat builders, refit yards, engineers, naval architects, ports and marinas.

Session 1: OVERVIEW of Marine Power & Propulsion

  • Understanding how energy is evolving differently for boats versus ships.
  • Why internal combustion engines suit the dynamic maritime workplace.
  • How can we move from diesel and petrol to alternative cleaner fuels?
  • Which UK & EC & international energy standards are really relevant?†
  • Clarifying the aims for marine transport in different sectors.

Session 2: NEXT GENERATION Energy Opportunities & Challenges

  • How do we re-power our boat and fast craft fleets in a changing world?
  • The pros and cons of 100% Battery-Electric. Charging and battery safety
  • What parameters affect 100% Battery-Electric adoption in ports and at sea?
  • Why Lithium-ion is dominant and what can we expect in the near future?
  • Parallel or Series Hybrid - mechanical led or electrical led solutions?

Session 3: EMERGING TECHNOLOGY Timelines & Viability for Sub 24m

  • Hydrogen as an energy carrier for fuel cell / H2 as dual fuel in ICE / Methanol & Ammonia.
  • Regional availability of alternatives / Fuel & energy security / Green Corridors.
  • How politics and energy instability are accelerating change for marine operators and ports.
  • Why infrastructure and energy system Technology Readiness Levels are behind vessel TRLs.
  • Timelines & Next Steps / What can we specify now - by 2025 - between 2025 and 2030.

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