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New for 2024, the NEXT GEN Marine Hydrid course brings together modified ICE with clean fuels, battery-electric and onshore infrastructure. The aim of innovative hybrid systems is to enhance conventional power and propulsion systems. With these here and now solutions, vessels can reduce emissions and improve fuel consumption - whilst extending engine maintenance periods and engine life.

This one day course is designed for all sectors, from commercial and military organisations to leisure marine. Also applicable to original equipment manufacturers, boat builders, refit yards, engineers and naval architects. Focussed on sub 24m vessels, this knowledge is increasingly relevant for 25m to 100m vessels.

The course delivers an independent view on the opportunities and challenges presented by emerging technologies. For end-users and operators, discussions enable attendees to ask questions relevant to their vessel duty cycles and operating profiles. Technology providers can see where they fit into the solution.

Session 1: OVERVIEW of Marine Hybrid & Energy Systems

  • How hybrid systems are evolving for different maritime sectors / Lessons from land transport.
  • Duty cycles of Sub 24m Vessels / Range extenders / Modified ICE with alternative fuels.
  • Analysing potential hybrid systems - from workboats to fast craft / Realities of energy density.
  • Why internal combustion engines plus battery-electric suit multiple maritime roles.
  • UK & EC & International Standards / Drivers and barriers for Hybrid.

Session 2: BATTERY-ELECTRIC Opportunities & Challenges

  • Where Battery-Electric fits best / Balancing Speed - Payload - Range / Reducing factors.
  • What parameters affect 100% Battery-Electric adoption / Charging in home ports and away.
  • Why Li-ion is dominant now / Pros & cons of various chemistries / What is coming for marine.
  • Energy Infrastructure / A systems approach / Availability and demand / Safety at all levels.
  • Why charging and local grid network Technology Readiness Levels are behind vessel TRLs.

Session 3: HYBRID Viability & Timelines for Sub 24m

  • Re-Powering existing vessels with Hybrid systems / Individual boats and fleets.
  • Maintaining flexibility in a changing world / Lessons learned onboard and onshore.
  • Parallel or Series Hybrid - mechanical led versus electrical led solutions / Range extending.
  • Real world case studies of re-powering and new builds / Emerging technology
  • Timelines & Next Steps / What can we specify now - by 2025 - between 2025 and 2030.

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