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This online workshop considers†how different approaches†to managing Whole Body Vibration have evolved†over the past decade. Especially how lessons can be utilised to reduce the risk of injury for all people on boats. Technology developers need clearly defined problems to build effective solutions.

A challenge for the builders of next generation planing craft is delivering platforms that balance performance with the physical demands on crew and passengers. Accelerometers and data loggers are increasingly being used to measure impacts and vibration.†Suspension seating can be part of the solution, but with a growing range of options it is important to match seat performance with vessel type and expected use.

Session 1: SHOCK MITIGATION In Standard Operating Procedures

  • Repeated Shock and Whole Body Vibration. Effective RS & WBV training for the team.
  • Lessons learned from recent accidents and incidents on RIBs and fast craft.
  • Mitigating the risk to crews. From small inshore craft to all weather offshore operations.
  • Do standard operating procedures fit different operating profiles and locations?
  • Is high speed the main issue? How could data prevent accidents?

Session 2: EFFECTIVE TECHNOLOGY Delivers Solutions At Sea

  • From crash protection to WBV. Designing helm, crew and passenger seating.
  • How marine suspension seating requirements and specifications are evolving.
  • What can we retrofit to current vessels?
  • Do we need different solutions for slow versus fast craft?
  • Does the maritime workplace need a different approach to military operations?

Session 3: PROTECTING PEOPLE On Current and Future Vessels

  • Foiling solutions to improve safety and performance for professional operations.
  • The benefits of real time versus historic vibration data.
  • How do we gather relevant data?
  • At what point does unmanned become the best solution?
  • What is really working now and what is coming next?†††††

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