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Posted 2021-03-24 11:01:04 by

5G RuralDorset is a ground-breaking research and development project aimed at understanding how next generation connectivity can help people live better, safer and more prosperous lives in rural communities, even in environments as sensitive as Dorset's UNESCO-designated world heritage coastline. Part of the project is looking at connectivity along the coast which can often be poor and can hamper activities such as emergency response. The project is looking to improve digital communication for the emergency response services by deploying infrastucture sensitively along the Jurassic Coast to deliver 5G coverage.

Trails are currently underway using Surf Condition Monitoring (SCM) buoys supplied by JET Engineering System Solutions, the UK's first 5G networked buoys. The SCMs collect sea-state data which is transmitted via 5G back to a central hub for further dissemination and processing including providing vital information to the public and emergency services. It has also recently been announced that an additional buoy will be deployed to provide sub-surface video feed for the monitoring of aquaculture.

A combination of solar and kinetic energy recovery supplies the power requirements for the multi-sensor devices and the use of smart beamforming antennae extends the transmission range of the buoys and reduces power consumption.

Other possible uses for this technology include 'Smart Ports' which use automation, AI, blockchain and Big Data to improve their performance, all of which require 5G data transmission. 5G connected ports would also positively impact operational safety and risk assessment, supply chain management, platform management and security.

The JET planned deployment of their buoys wil extend the coverage provided by the Dorset buoys to create a 5G mesh connected channel running between ports along the south coast.

5G RuralDorset is a 8m research and development project which is being led by Dorset Council and includes local, national and international partners. The project is part-funded by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (4.8m) and is part of its 5G Rural Testbed & Trials programme.

JET 5G buoy