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Posted 2012-04-27 18:07:42 by Admin
EMU analysed all the results from the survey as well as participants thoughts and opinions which will be directly fed into the development of WaveSentry. EMU Limited has led the development of this pilot specification to gain a full understanding of the different user groups, their requirements, preferences and future aspirations for sea state forecasting.

EMU have taken advantage of the wide client base they already have, alongside the client base of other consortium members, in order to get close to those people that will benefit most from this type of product.

There are clearly two avenues to consider in the development of WaveSentry:

1 A system which offers high accuracy, trustworthy forecasting
2 A system which delivers forecasts in a way suitable to each user.

The diverse array of datasets incorporated within WaveSentry will hopefully lead to high forecast accuracy; temporally and spatially. We aim to achieve this by the inclusion of multiple data feeds, forecast models and real-time data.

Through user consultation it is clear that the WaveSentry system must be flexible to enable a variety of users to obtain the information pertinent to them and to interact with the data to fully understand the forecasts. Here at WaveSentry we want to offer a system which satisfies a whole variety of users - one which is simple enough to use quickly and easily but that offers further functionality to those who want to delve deeper into the data and forecasts.

To maximise the business benefits of WaveSentry, Marine South East has created WaveSentry KN. This specialist knowledge network will facilitate the identification and exploitation of spin-out technologies and market opportunities for managing the risks of marine operations in adverse sea states.

Organisations from both industry and the knowledge base concerned with the provision or use of sea-state measurements and forecasting are invited to join the WaveSentry Knowledge Network.

To register your interest in the WaveSentry KN or for more information please contact Simon Powell on: 02380 111592 or email

or to join the Knowledge Network please go to

WaveSentry will be organising an interactive workshop to introduce the WaveSentry project and identify innovation opportunities in the measurement and forecasting of sea state. The event will take place Thursday 24th May 2012, 10.30-12.30 at the Seawork Exhibition. For more information including online booking please go to: