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Posted 2020-10-02 11:11:42 by Admin

Space2Waves is the continuation of the #SpaceWave project (2018-2019) which successfully developed an internationalization strategy to accelerate the global deployment of Earth Observation (EO) technologies in the Blue Growth sector and to support European SMEs’ competitiveness.

Space2Waves is a 24 month project financed by the European Commission's COSME Cluster Go International call.
Space2Waves brings together six clusters with a good balance between blue economy and space sectors: Pôle Mer Méditerranée/Toulon Var Technologies, Aerospace Valley, Marine South East Ltd, Distretto Technologico Aerospaziale S.C. A R.L, Corallia Cluster Initiative/R.C. Athena, Forum Oceano.

All the partners have joined the SpaceWave Alliance, a partnership agreement with common goals towards access to third markets. Space2Waves partners will encourage the involvement of other EU clusters in the Alliance.

Four countries have been identified as the most promising targets with the highest potential for European SMEs: Australia, Canada, South Africa, and United Arab Emirates. EO technologies represent a solution to many of the issues the maritime environment is currently facing. They contribute to the implementation of a sustainable blue economy as they are one of the most available, feasible and cost- efficient technologies to explore, monitor, control and study the exploitation of oceans and their resources.

Space2Waves aims to implement the internationalization plan designed in the preparatory SpaceWave project phase. It will provide European SMEs using or creating EO technologies in the Blue Growth sector with a tailor-made programme to access new international markets and will promote their economic growth. Inter-clustering will be also developed as Space2Waves partners strengthen and/or initiate contacts with clusters and business networks that could have a beneficial impact on the internationalization of EU SMEs in the target countries.

The main objective of Space2Waves is to promote access to international markets for European clusters and networks involved in the development and provision of EO products and services in support of Blue Growth. In order to achieve this main objective, Space2Waves has defined the following specific objectives:

* Build concrete and sustainable partnerships with clusters or business networks in target countries

* Support SMEs competitiveness.

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