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DriveWise: AI techniques to improve maritime decarbonisation
HyCap Drive: Prototype hybrid propulsion with super-capacitor energy store
Sea Change: Shore Power Port Decarbonisation project
SPINE: Shipping and Port Interfaces in a New Era


Arctic IAP: Situational Awareness Service
Atlantic Blue Port Services: Innovative Port Services for Ships Polluted Water Management
BEEMS: Building European Environmental and Maritime Skills
Blue Belt Technology Roadmapping
BlueStor: Port-based novel energy storage
CLINSH: Clean shipping for inland waterways
COLUMBUS: Knowledge Transfer for Blue Growth
EMSAC: Managing coastal waters
ENTROPI: Enabling technologies and roadmaps for offshore platform innovation
ERASMUS OnBoard Project: Development of technical profiles and training curriculum for the ports and logistics sector
ESSOP: Assessment of optimum port battery storage options
EXPOSURES: New marine information ecosystem looking at scour, erosion and silting
FLO-MAR: Use of Flow batteries in zero emissions shipping
GLEAMS: Glycerine fuel engine feasibility
HEVIMA: Hybrid Electric Propulsion systems for small commercial vessels
I-Port: Optimising Intermodal Freight Transport
ICE: Intelligent Community Energy for remote locations
INdIGO: Innovative fishing gear for Ocean
KETMaritime: Key Enabling Technologies in the Maritime sector
MarLEM: Marine Logistics Engineering and Management
ModOPS; Modular Onshore Power Supplies
OPEC: Offshore Platform for Energy Competitiveness
PERISCOPE: Innovative partnerships for business development in Blue Growth in the North Sea Region
PESO: Port Energy Systems Optimisation
PLAXX: innovative new marine fuel
PROPOSSE: Short-sea shipping project
Rampion Offshore Wind Farm Supply Chain Project
SAMED: Screw anchors for marine energy and aquaculture applications
SeaBioComp: Bio-based composites for the marine environment
SMARTA: Sustainable profitability project
SOFA: Autonomous Ocean Sampling Networks
South Coast Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications
Space2Waves - Opportunities for SMEs working in earth observation technologies to internationalise
SpacePort: Using geospatial data to solve transport challenges in ports
SpaceWave: Using Earth Observation data to enable Blue Economy Growth
SPIDS: Shore Power Infrastructure to Decarbonize Shipping
UFO: Funding and opportunities for Small Flying Objects
WaveSentry: Advanced Sea-State measurement and forecasting
WICO: Small wind systems for coastal areas